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Buying or building a home is a big decision and it's important that you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. When working with JM Homes, you are working with an experienced, passionate, and family-run company. We believe that the home building process should be a collaboration from start to finish. Our goal is to make this process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.


You'll work with our real estate team to find the perfect lot and/or model home that suits you and your family needs. Whether you're looking for a quick move-in ready home, patio home, or single family home, our real estate professionals will guide you through the process. We will talk about ideas for the project and establish a direction, as well as discuss a project timeline and cost.




You will be introduced to our team of professionals that will be available for contact throughout the building process. It is our job to make sure all building permits, regulations, and blueprint designs are completed and submitted for a successful build start. Therefore, we will review and tweak the conceptual design as many times as necessary to create the one that you love. 



You'll have a meeting with one of our design specialists to customize your home. Countertops, flooring, carpet, tile, and backsplashes are some of the items you'll choose. Usually, the process takes 2 meetings to complete, but we will make sure to discuss any changes and establish a path to move forward.



The client and JM Homes will meet to review the final budget. We will discuss any final changes to the budget and agree to steps to move forward. We will finalize the contract to build and confirm the bank will order appraisal and work with the client to close the loan. JM Homes will submit all plans to the building department for final review and approval. Once approved, construction will begin.



It's time to schedule the closing date and reserve the moving company. Once the closing date is confirmed and agreed upon by the client and JM Homes, you'll have a final walk-through meeting to go over the design outlook of your new home. If approved, you will then meet with the Land and Title company to officially sign all required documents and receive your keys. CONGRATULATIONS!

Aerial View of Suburban Street
Business Meeting
Kitchen Interior
Construction Engineer
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